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What This Is All About:

I’m looking for a small group of talented peeps to fill a few positions I currently have open.

2 Important Things To Know:

#1) I don’t have pay listed below on any of the jobs for a reason, but mostly because I never hire for ‘cookie cutter” positions. People are different, have different experience and bring different value to the table. And I don’t personally want to run off the potential badass who might be interested but doesn’t think the job will ‘pay enough’. But know this — most every team member who works for or with me has been with me for at least a year, because they’re well taken care of. You will be, too.

#2) Please send all applications to

And please keep the first email you send short (as in 1-2 paragraphs). No ‘life story’ stuff in the first email. Time is money. Email is a vampire. And I need you to help me protect my neck. Also — if you have a resume, feel free to attach that bad boy in there before you hit ‘send’.

#3) This project will be based around my Empower Network business as an affiliate, so it would be useful if you had some knowledge of what we’re doing. Not required, but useful.

Below Are The Positions I’m Looking To Fill

Marketing Coach:

You’re Primary Objective: Will be to find out what people’s goals are, what their needs are, and what they need to do to get the results they want — and then help them map out a brief gameplan to get there. Also, if they are brand new, they may need to get some things set-up, so you’ll show them how to do that.

What You Need To Be Skilled At: Since you will be identifying the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the marketers you’ll be working with, you’ll need to have a good working knowledge of Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and online network marketing yourself. You also need to have had at least some success in your business. If you are a six-figure earner (or were a six-figure earner) and you’re looking to work around some badasses, learn new stuff and work with me personally — apply and let’s chat.

You also need to be organized, friendly, and able to effectively sell stuff (to put it bluntly). Basically, you’ll be coaching, but you’ll also need to be able to strait shoot someone on what they need to purchase to get the results that they want, so you will need to be able to sell on the phoneand close.

*Note: this is a position where you can have some room to grow. Unlike a programmer position, which is someone I really can’t teach anything to (because I’m not a programmer), I can and will be guiding and leading my coaches along, so be ready to learn and grow while you’re working as one of my coaches.

Apply at: Please include “Marketing Coach” in the subject line

Media Manager:

You’re Primary Objective: You will be handling all media buys for me personally, so you will be testing for winning ads, campaigns and traffic sources — and then scaling the winners out and ditching the losers.

What You Need To Be Skilled At: You should have extensive knowledge in dealing with site Analytics (Google & other), stats and campaign tracking, PPC campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, Google AdSense, and more. You should also have experience with banner ad’s, link share, media management, and CPA, CPL and CPC as well. PR skills are a plus, but not required.

Obviously, organization is a must here (God bless your soul) and you need to be resourceful as hell to continue to find winning sources. Most people would overlook this next one, but creativity is a major asset here, because creative traffic generation and campaign creation is often where the ‘diamonds in the rough’ are at.

Apply at: Please include “Media Manager” in the subject line

SEO and Content BadAss:

You’re Primary Objective: To repurpose content all over the Internet and create 1 lead of out 5 — organically.

What You Need To Be Skilled At: You should have extensive knowledge with social syndication on social media and video sites, as well as a deep understanding of SEO.

Apply at: Please include “SEO BadAss” in the subject line

Web Designer:

You’re Primary Objective: To design web pages, site graphics and ad designs. Any previous experience you have designing marketing funnels, ads, sales letters, and landing pages are a major plus.

What You Need To Be Skilled At: Obviously creating badass designs. Also, you need to be able to turn designs around fast and work well with others.

Apply at: Please include ”Web Designer“ in the subject line

Web Developer:

You’re Primary Objective: Creating custom application programming for marketing funnels, and other projects currently in production. you should be comfortable writing efficient database schema, clean and efficient back-end code, and have a good understanding of user interface and interaction.

What You Need To Be Skilled At: Strong understanding of object-oriented programming. 4+ years experience architecting, developing, testing and deploying CUSTOM web applications in PHP using any one of the following framework: (CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Yii, Other MVC Frameworks). Also Experience testing / fine-tuning applications for optimal performance. Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks is a MAJOR PLUS! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Skills (not required, but a MAJOR PLUS). MySQL5.0 database management and design experience. 2+ years experience developing HTML5 and CSS3 code. JavaScript & AJAX.

*Note: If you don’t meet all these qualifications, but would still like to be considered go ahead and apply.

Apply at: Please include ”Web Developer“ in the subject line

I’m looking forward to working with you :)


Dave, I'm an affiliate and just wanted to say, this is the coolest j.o.b. application site ever.  I'm completely impressed with this site and the top badasses you are recruiting to help us all be successful.  Thank you.  :)

Will share this.

I'll see you onstage soon!


Do we need to be physically located near you? I am thinking about Web Developer position.


Talent will get talent! May the best man/woman "win"! Good luck David! :) 


Lots of work available! I will share on my wall. I'm sure you will find some really talented people.  Good luck!

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