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A “Tree” of Story Tellers

For the last year, every Wednesday I take my 13 y/o daughter out for “daddy/daughter night” — just her and I.

Tonight, she sat and told me stories for a couple of hours, and then shared how she was in the process of turning those stories into books, and eventually getting them onto the big screen. And when they were ready to be turned into movies, she wanted to MAKE SURE she casted the crew to ensure the wrong actors were not chosen to act out the roles she created.

Listening to her, made me think of a time when I told a story, pacing back and forth in the living room of an old house I lived in 2 1/2 years ago, on a conference call with about 100 people . . .

. . . as a little girl sat in the room next to me, listening in, as I talked about how one day I would be standing in front of 5,000 people sharing my life and teaching those people how to turn all the skeletons on their closet into their greatest and most ‘profitable’ assets.

And as I remembered that story, I looked back at my daughter as she finished her story, and I thought to myself . . .”Well hot damn, maybe the apple don’t fall far from the ‘ol tree after all”


- Dave Sharpe
David sharpe and his daughter

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