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Catching The Sunset From The Brooklyn Bridge

Yo, yo, yo! I just got back from NYC, and while I was there I shot this quick video from on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Haha, cool huh? Check it out below…

And yes – catching the sunset on top of the Brooklyn Bridge is ‘bucket list worthy’.

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- David Sharpe

I Teach What I Do Because IT WORKS (really well)

I’ll typically spend around 50% of my ‘downtime” in a normal day in some sort of “personal development”. Yea, it sounds like a lot, and it is. And the amount of time i spend reading, listening to audio, coaching and “perfecting my craft” is pretty abnormal.

But I do it (now) BECAUSE I LOVE IT. And because it gets me TREMENDOUS results in my life and business.

Really, it saved my life when I began to take a long and honest look at myself back in 2008 when I was getting clean. But not because it taught me how to stay clean. A decision did that. Thorough personal development taught me how to release myself from the self made prison I had been living for the previous 10 years because of the way I viewed myself and the world, and the belief system I had formed from the people I hung out with and the garbage I put into my head.

The same thing happened when I started my business. I DECIDED I was going to be successful NO MATTER WHAT. And then I immersed myself into personal development which has helped me master the craft of communication, marketing and influence.

And by personal development I specifically mean . . .

Listening to audios everyday
Reading books
Coaching with people who know more than I do in a specific area
Attending events
Getting on calls

Damn, that’s starting to sound a lot like the ’8 Core Steps” :-)

I just shot a video about it tonight (just after I finished the ‘Empower Hour’ call). Check it out below . . .

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- David Sharpe
“The Millionaire Maker”

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