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Surviving The “Big Ass Human Slingshot”

This is the first post on my new blog, and I could think of no way better to introduce such a badass blog, than with a badass (and absolutely hilarious) video like this:

Lol :-)

This was one day before my 29th birthday this year (a few days ago). Our plans were to skydive, but it ended up being too cloudy. So in a last minute attempt to find something that would make our hearts jump out of our chestswe found the “Big Ass Human Slingshot”.

What was even better, was when we came down from the first “launch” (video above)…. and the guy went for the upsell and made us an offer: “If you guys want to go up once more, I’ll let you do it this time only for just $10″. Since the first time up was $75, it was a damn good offer — even to someone like me, who potentially needed to change my pants after the complete terror I just experienced. Lol.

I laughed, took a deep breathe, and deleted the last bit of ‘inner wussy’ I had inside — and said: “Screw it. Let’s do it.”

Going up, it felt funny, but I had no idea it would be this ridiculous. So for you, I posted it here — not only to show how ridiculous of a time I had doing this (and how funny it looked on camera)….

…..but also to show a real life example of me┬áreaching inside and ‘deleting my inner wussy’ :)


- David Sharpe
“The Wussy Exorcist”

P.S.: Was that video ridiculous, or what? Leave me your thoughts below…. and feel free to drop a line (even an embarrassing one) about something hilarious you did — where maybe your were even a bit scared, but you did it anywayand felt like a badass afterwards!