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Are You A “Shit Talker” or an “Ass Kicker”?

Yesterday, I posted a ‘controversial’ post on FB calling out all the “shit talkers” on Facebook — posing the all important question…..

Are You Just A “Shit Talker” or Are You An “Ass Kicker”?

…..And just as most of my posts usually do — it stirred up the pot a little :-)

Here’s the actual post….

talking shit post

Spelling errors and all — case in point — I’m less worried about details and more concerned with “getting shit done” — aka: kicking some ass.

Anyway, I followed up with a video shot in the car on my way to meet my biz partner Dave Wood for lunch on the beach here in Florida. Click play and check it out below…..

So, I’ll ask YOU…..

Are you just a ‘shit talker’ or are you an ‘ass kicker’? :)

- David Sharpe
“5-Star General to an ARMY of BadAsses”

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P.P.S. Let me hear your thoughts below. Let me know who the real “ass kickers” are out there!